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Everybody reads. Whatever the genre or theme, the message or story must be clear and compelling to keep our attention. That’s where I get involved. Words are my passion, and I love helping authors draw out the right words for their message while navigating the nuances of language.


I began training in piano performance at a young age and continued that pursuit into adulthood, culminating in a master of music degree. Thousands of hours were spent in crazy concentration on minute details, yet always keeping the big picture in mind for a finished, polished work. This honed skill transferred well to helping others communicate beautiful ideas, stories, and life-changing concepts. Except now I'm using words instead of musical notes, a different expression of beauty.

After completing an editing program through the University of California at San Diego, I began working with individual authors and local publishing companies. I gained experience editing various genres of nonfiction (including business, self-help, faith-based, academic works, journal articles, and white papers) and fiction (YA novels). 

One of my greatest joys is to see the authors and writers I work with succeed in meeting their goal of publication. Many of the authors I have helped have also received awards for their efforts. My clients include business owners, thought leaders, professors, and industry professionals, many of whom are aspiring first-time authors.

When I'm not sitting at my desk or curled up in a comfy chair, editing a hard copy (what my husband calls “being in the zone”), I enjoy working in my organic vegetable garden, experiencing the miracle of tiny seeds growing into bushels of produce. I also love spending time with my husband (a fellow word nerd) as we look for books at thrift stores and discuss etymology over strong cups of coffee.

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